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This was a no brainer for me.  My client was using her garage to store junk. She was overwhelmed because of the weather changes that brought damaging hail 

& downed trees. She wanted to clear out the space for her nice car. We decided to donate much of the junk to a church and they where very grateful and the 

client was very happy that she called me. PS, that’s me in the photo!


This family had recently moved into their new home and needed help organizing the kitchen area.

The goal was to create a kitchen environment that would support their love of cooking. We started by sorting through all of their belongings and removing duplicate utensils, pots and pans, dishware etc..  

All of these extra items took up precious real estate space. We also removed many decorative but unnecessary items for a cleaner look. Now they can cook with ease.


This bedroom already had a cute design but the client was using the bed for her closet. She hung her purses on the post of the bed and that just added to the feeling of clutter. We found a place for her items off the bed. I
 also helped her organize her closet and now she is free to use her bed again. 


Child's Bedroom

This child's bedroom was jam packed with stuff and was not a nurturing environment for her. It took me two days to gently help her figure out what to get rid of and what to keep. We also changed the window treatments and moved around the furniture. She was very happy with the results and also because I involved her throughout the process.





These clients had just moved into a new home and needed to reduce the amount of stuff from the old kitchen. Over the years they had accumulated many duplicate items from pots and pans to an overload of tupperware. I helped them discard all the items they were no longer using. We ended up with 12 full bags to give away to charity and you could feel the calm start to set in!



This bedroom/office space was a no-brainer. We went through old papers, receipts and junk mail and created a simple filing system to keep things from getting out of control again (file box that sits on the desk for easy access). We also placed the decorative objects away from the work area for a cleaner and calmer feel.



Dining Area

This room was used as a junk/ toy room. I began by removing all of the unnecessary items from the room. I then took my client shopping at a second hand store and found this fabulous Spanish style table that went perfectly with the red walls. That weekend she invited her girlfriend over for a tea party and she felt so proud to finally have a clean space for entertaining.

Dining Area

This family was using their eating area as a storage/junk space. They always wanted to have dinner together and were ready to have me help them make a change. I found this glass table in the basement plus the matching shelving in the kitchen. I displayed some playful objects and voila…a clean comfortable space for two. They said it was like magic




This client loved to shop but did not live by the "throw out anything you haven’t worn after a year" rule of thumb. We made choices on which clothes/accessories to get rid of and than put together her wardrobe for work and play. We also purchased new hangers to pull it all together.  She loved it!




Living Room

I stared by painting the paneled walls, as I wanted to keep the texture that was already there. I then added the stripes. I also created a faux finished texture on the opposite wall to create a warmer feel. Next I removed the front door to the cabinet next to fireplace and put her family pictures there for display. They loved the warm look and feel of the end result and brought in soft couches and a club chair for their pets to enjoy!


Dining Room

This client was completely open to design ideas. 

The first thing I did was to help her define her own style by looking at interior design magazines etc. Once she got a sense of what she wanted, which was a warm organic feel, I began by choosing a color palette and molding for the walls inspired by her father’s paintings.  We then added a new armoire, dining set, chandelier and decorative objects.


This kitchen had excessive amounts of utensils, spices

& herbs and old plastic containers in piles everywhere. The counters were covered with many items that did not belong in a kitchen and many storage areas were not being utilized. The client was keeping old vitamin & prescription bottles around so he would remember to reorder. I created a prescription refill sheet and posted it inside the cupboard door. I put the silverware in a nice jar on the counter for easy access and used the silverware drawer for the spices. I then used the spice cupboard for the serving bowls and pots & pans (easy access is vital). In general, I gently helped him through the process of letting go of everything that he did not need or did not belong in a kitchen. The key to a healthy functioning kitchen is to completely get rid of all unnecessary clutter. Amen!

FYI, Its important to remember that 98% of kitchens have plenty of room for storage, but the problem is that many people do not know how to utilize space properly. 


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